Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Help Me to Continue Oprah's Special Work

Living Your Best Life is Living a Virtuous Life.

Oprah has given us twenty-five years of helpful, thoughtful and beautiful programming to help us live our best life, which tells me that we are more than just her audience, but people who she really cares about. This is also evident when you read her O Magazine by the stories that are selected.She gives us messages of inspiration, education, motivation, health and well-being, and hope.  One of my favorite sections in the O Magazine, is “What I Know For Sure” section, I love it. Many of the topics have not been easy to talk about, but Oprah did it with grace and wisdom, and for that, I salute her. She has courage, and showed us how to take risks. I think that the greatest gift she has given us is her ability to show empathy and to challenge herself and others.

I want to continue the special programming that Oprah started -helping people explore how to live their best life. I believe to live your best life it requires one to live a virtuous life. For every human engagement we have with each other, we need virtues like honesty, trust, kindness, patience, compassion, etc. The talk show would explore the impact of living a virtuous life on whatever topic was being discussed. At the end of the day, it’s how we treat each other that determines if we’re living our best life

If you would like to see Oprah’s wonderful tradition continue, please vote for me! Click here:
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Have a great day.